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king joox

universal law


i am king 


THE STAR IS RISING ON KING JOOX with the release of his song for the world, "UNIVERSAL LAW." Joox is a visionary artist who has shared stages with popular rappers such as Fabolous, Wale, and styles P, and contributed music that was played on "So You Think You Can Dance" and NBC Dateline.He started writing songs when he was thirteen years old and to date has written over 200 songs, recorded over 100, and has made 20 of them into music videos which he also produced. King Joox has become a skilled songwriter, vocalist, rap artist, music producer and video director, who sees the world with no boundaries. Joox is a new age creator, making music one day, shooting videos the next and in between dreaming the impossible and making it possible.His ultimate dream is to live life in peace and create music and film experiences that inspire the world to believe in the impossible.